Vintage #ad - Charming, informative, touching. In this exemplary biography, stefan Kanfer explores the roots of Lucy’s genius and places it in the context of her conflicted and sometimes bitter personal life. Here, too, is an intimate view of the dawn of television and of the America that embraced it. And laugh-out-loud funny, this is the book Lucy’s fans have been waiting for.

As a movie actress lucille Ball was, in her own words, “queen of the B-pluses. But on the small screen she was a superstar–arguably the funniest and most enduring in the history of TV. Here is the beauty who became a master of knock-down slapstick; the control freak whose comic alter ego thrived on chaos, the worshipful TV housewife whose real marriage ended in public disaster.

Somebody #ad - . Ball of fire gives us Lucy in all her contradictions.


Brando's Smile: His Life, Thought, and Work

W. W. Norton & Company #ad - We also meet the political brando: the civil rights activist, the close friend of James Baldwin, the actor who declined his Oscar to support Indian rights. More than seventy stunning—and many rare—photographs of Marlon Brando illuminate this portrait of the man who has left an astounding cultural legacy.

. A groundbreaking work that reveals how Marlon Brando shaped his legacy in art and life. When people think about Marlon Brando, they think of the movie star, the hunk, the scandals. In brando’s Smile, Susan L. Mizruchi reveals the brando others have missed: the man who collected four thousand books; the man who rewrote scripts, trimming his lines to make them sharper; the man who consciously used his body and employed the objects around him to create believable characters; the man who loved Emily Dickinson’s poetry.

Brando's Smile: His Life, Thought, and Work #ad - To write this biography, private letters, mizruchi gained unprecedented access to a vast number of annotated books from Brando’s library, hand-edited copies of screenplays, and recorded interviews that have never before been quoted in a biography. Original interviews with some of the still-living players from Brando’s life, including Ellen Adler, his one-time girlfriend and the daughter of his acting teacher Stella Adler, provide even deeper insight into the complex person whose intelligence belied the high-school dropout.

Mizruchi shows how brando’s embrace of foreign cultures and social outsiders led to his brilliant performances in unusual roles—a gay man, an Asian, a German soldier—to test himself and to foster empathy on a global scale.


The Contender: The Story of Marlon Brando

Harper #ad - Brando’s impact on american culture matches his professional significance; he both challenged and codified our ideas of masculinity and sexuality. His public protests against racial segregation and discrimination at the height of the Civil Rights movement—getting himself arrested at least once—were criticized as being needlessly provocative.

His approach was natural, honest, and deeply personal, resulting in performances—most notably in A Streetcar Named Desire and On the Waterfront—that are without parallel. Yet those actions of fifty years ago have become a model many actors follow today. Psychologically astute and masterfully researched, based on new and revelatory material, The Contender explores the star and the man in full, including the childhood traumas that reverberated through his professional and personal life.

Brando’s admonitions against the monetization of nearly every aspect of the culture were prescient. Mann astutely argues that brando was not only a great actor but also a cultural soothsayer, a Cassandra warning us about the challenges to come. Brando was also one of the first stars to use his fame as a platform to address social, and moral issues, political, courageously calling out America’s deeply rooted racism.

The Contender: The Story of Marlon Brando #ad - William mann’s brilliant biography of the Hollywood legend illuminates this culture icon for a new age. Entertainment weekly's big fall books preview selectionbest book of 2019 -- publisher's weeklybased on new and revelatory material from Brando’s own private archives, the elusive Marlon Brando, an award-winning film biographer presents a deeply-textured, and definitive portrait of the greatest movie actor of the twentieth century, ambitious, bringing his extraordinarily complex life into view as never before.

The most influential movie actor of his era, Marlon Brando changed the way other actors perceived their craft.


The Way It's Never Been Done Before

Polimedia Publishing #ad - He was one of the most reclusive personalities in modern times and a legend beyond compare. He was also an equal opportunity provocateur -- a dazzling baffler -- be it on stage, on screen, or in his private life. For more than five decades, Brando and Englund were each other's most trusted ally and closest compadre.

There has not been such a book in marlon's lifetime, even including his autobiography, and I felt that after our long years of friendship, perhaps I should attempt to write it. That possibility has passed away, for Marlon is gone now -- I must make the attempt to write of us alone. But while his courage and imagination as an artist brought applause and attention from around the world, Brando shunned nearly everything that goes with celebrity status.

The Way It's Never Been Done Before #ad - They traveled together, worked together, and played together. From that initial meeting right up to the eve of the superstar's death in the summer of 2004, Brando and Englund were in nearly constant contact. Even at their first meeting, at a hollywood party in 1956 -- the kind of occasion where Brando was most on guard against any who would attempt to get close to him -- he and Englund forged close ties.

He did things his way -- The Way It's Never Been Done Before. No one shared as much of Brando's private fields as his lifelong friend and business confidant, George Englund. I summon to the task the sacredness, which, when we were at our best, Marlon and I laid upon our friendship. ".


Brando Unzipped: Marlon Brando: Bad Boy, Megastar, Sexual Outlaw

Blood Moon Productions #ad - Lurid, perceptive, raunchy, and certainly worth reading, it's one of the best show-biz biographies of the year. London's Sunday Times. Brando unzipped received an honorable mention from Foreword Magazine in its Book of the Year competition, and it won a Silver Ippy award for Best Biography from the Independent Publisher's Association.

That ongoing, barely under control drama known as marlon brando--hollywood's Ultimate Bad Boy, 50s, and Sexual Outlaw--with a special focus on his early rise to fame and his social and sexual associations with the A-list legends of the 40s, Megastar, and 60s. Brando unzipped is the definitive gossip guide to the late, great actor's life --New York Daily News.


Brando: Songs My Mother Taught Me

Modern Library #ad - Anyone who has ever enjoyed a Brando film will relish this book. Please note: this edition does not include photos. This is marlon brando’s own story, and his reason for telling it is best revealed in his own words:“I have always considered my life a private affair and the business of no one beyond my family and those I love.

But now, i have decided to tell the story of my life as best i can, in my seventieth year, so that my children can separate the truth from the myths that others have created about me, as myths are created about everyone swept up in the turbulent and distorting maelstrom of celebrity in our culture. To date there have been over a dozen books written about Marlon Brando, and almost all of them have been inaccurate, based on hearsay, sensationalist or prurient in tone.

Brando: Songs My Mother Taught Me #ad - . The result is an extraordinary book, at once funny, ribald, moving, angry, self-deprecating and completely frank account of the career, absorbing, both on-screen and off, of the greatest actor of our time. Except for moral and political issues that aroused in me a desire to speak out, for the sake of my children and myself, I have done my utmost throughout my life, to remain silent.

. Now, the actor has told his life story, fifty years after his first appearance onstage in New York City, at last, with the help of Robert Lindsey.


Real James Dean: Intimate Memories from Those Who Knew Him Best

Chicago Review Press #ad - Their recollections of dean became lost in fragile back issues of movie magazines and newspapers and in out-of-print books that are extremely hard to find. Until now. The real james dean is the first book of its kind: a rich collection spanning six decades of writing in which many of the people whose lives were touched by Dean recall their indelible experiences with him in their own words.

In the decades following his death, friends, many of those who knew James Dean best––actors, directors, photographers, lovers both men and women, and Hollywood columnists––shared stories of their first-person experiences with him in interviews and in the articles and autobiographies they wrote.

Real James Dean: Intimate Memories from Those Who Knew Him Best #ad - Here are the memorable personal accounts of dean from his high school and college drama teachers; the girl he almost married; costars like Rock Hudson, Jim Backus, Nicholas Ray, and Raymond Massey; directors Elia Kazan, Natalie Wood, and George Stevens; entertainer Eartha Kitt; gossip queen Hedda Hopper; the passenger who accompanied Dean on his final, fatal road trip; and a host of his other friends and colleagues.


De Niro: A Life

Crown Archetype #ad - The insights gained from deniro’s intense working habits shed new perspective on DeNiro’s thinking and portrayals and are wonderful to read. Levy also spoke to de niro's collaborators and friends to depict De Niro's transition from an ambitious young man to a transfixing and enigmatic artist and cultural figure.

His many friendships with the likes of martin scorsese,   meryl streep, Francis Ford Coppola, Harvey Keitel, are woven into this extraordinary portrait of DeNiro the man and the artist, among many others, Shelley Winters, also adding a depth of understanding not before seen. Yet little is known about the off-screen De Niro--he is an intensely private man, whose rare public appearances are often marked by inarticulateness and palpable awkwardness.

Following de niro's roots as the child of artists his father, the abstract painter Robert De Niro Sr. The rise of his career, and, was widely celebrated who encouraged him from an early age to be independent of vision and spirit, of course, his life as a father, his marriages, to his intense schooling as an actor, his current movie career, and businessman, restauranteur, Levy has written a biography that reads like a novel about  a character whose inner turmoil takes him to heights of artistry.

De Niro: A Life #ad - It can be almost painful to watch at times, in powerful contrast to his confident movie personae. Remarkable biography of an icon there's little debate that robert De Niro is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, screen actors of his generation, perhaps of all time. His work, particularly in the first 20 years of his career, is unparalleled.


Tinseltown: Murder, Morphine, and Madness at the Dawn of Hollywood

Harper #ad - Along the way, religious zealots, mann brings to life los angeles in the Roaring Twenties: a sparkling yet schizophrenic town filled with party girls, drug dealers, newly-minted legends and starlets already past their prime—a dangerous place where the powerful could still run afoul of the desperate.

A true story recreated with the suspense of a novel, Tinseltown is the work of a storyteller at the peak of his powers—and the solution to a crime that has stumped detectives and historians for nearly a century. Never before had a medium possessed such power to influence. And overseeing this entire landscape of intrigue was Adolph Zukor, the brilliant and ruthless founder of Paramount, locked in a struggle for control of the industry and desperate to conceal the truth about the crime.

Mann draws on a rich host of sources, ambitious actresses; a grasping stage mother; a devoted valet; and a gang of two-bit thugs, including recently released FBI files, to unpack the story of the enigmatic Taylor and the diverse cast that surrounded him—including three beautiful, any of whom might have fired the fatal bullet.

New york times bestseller • edgar award winner for best fact crimethe day of the locust meets The Devil in the White City and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil in this juicy, scandal, murder, untold Hollywood story: an addictive true tale of ambition, intrigue, and the creation of the modern film industry.

Tinseltown: Murder, Morphine, and Madness at the Dawn of Hollywood #ad - By 1920, the movies had suddenly become America’s new favorite pastime, and one of the nation’s largest industries. Yet hollywood’s glittering ascendency was threatened by a string of headline-grabbing tragedies—including the murder of William Desmond Taylor, the popular president of the Motion Picture Directors Association, a legendary crime that has remained unsolved until now.

In a fiendishly involving narrative, bestselling Hollywood chronicler William J.


James Dean: The Mutant King: A Biography

Chicago Review Press #ad - This is the book that restarted the james dean cult by celebrating him as the cool, defiant visionary of pop culture who made adolescence seem heroic instead of awkward and who defined the style of rock ’n’ roll’s politics of delinquency. The only book to fully show how deliberately and carefully Dean crafted his own image and performances, vivid writing, intimate photographs, and profound meditation, and the product of still unequalled research, James Dean: The Mutant King has become almost as legendary as its subject.


Rita Moreno: A Memoir

Celebra #ad - She talks candidly about her relationship with Elvis Presley, her encounters with Howard Hughes, and the passionate romance with Marlon Brando that nearly killed her. Mayer of mgm, the wizard himself declared: “She looks like a Spanish Elizabeth Taylor. Cast by gene kelly as zelda zanders in singin’ in the rain and then on to her Oscar-winning performance in West Side Story, she catapulted to fame—yet found herself repeatedly typecast as the “utility ethnic, ” a role she found almost impossible to elude.

Here, for the first time, Rita reflects on her struggles to break through Hollywood’s racial and sexual barriers. She explores the wounded little girl behind the glamorous façade—and what it took to find her place in the world. In this new york times bestselling memoir, grammy, rita moreno shares her remarkable journey from a young girl with simple beginnings in Puerto Rico to Hollywood legend—and one of the few performers, to win an Oscar, and the only Hispanic, Tony and two Emmys.

Born rosita dolores alverio in the idyll of puerto rico, where she discovered dancing, embarked on a harrowing sea voyage with her mother and wound up in the harsh barrios of the Bronx, singing, at age five, Moreno, and acting as ways to escape a tumultuous childhood. And she shares the illusiveness of a “perfect” marriage and the incomparable joys of motherhood.

Rita Moreno: A Memoir #ad - Infused with rita moreno’s quick wit and deep insight, this memoir is the dazzling portrait of a stage and screen star who longed to become who she really is—and triumphed. Making her broadway debut  by age thirteen—and moving on to Hollywood in its Golden Age just a few years later—she worked alongside such stars as Gary Cooper,  Yul Brynner, and Ann Miller.

When discovered by Louis B.